More Ideas

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Promote the Day

(1) Make a commitment that you will invite someone to your home during the month of June.

(2) Encourage your friends, relatives and neighbours to do the same.

(3) Approach your workplace, local school, club, association, or place of worship to get involved.

(4) Gain the support of your local and national government leaders for the campaign.

(5) Approach local newspapers, radio and television stations and ask them to promote the campaign. Click here for helpful tips on contacting local media outlets.

(6) Make and distribute Open Homes posters in your local shopping centers. Ask shop owners to put it up in their windows and put it up on available notice boards.

What groups may want to help promote and encourage this day?

1. The media.

2. Schools.

3. Local and national government leaders.

4. Churches, synagogues, mosques or temples.

5. Unions.

6. Play groups.

7. Community centres.

8. Nursing homes.

9. Work groups.

10. Shopping centers.

11. Neighbourhood centers.

12. Doctors and other professionals.

13. Hospitals.

14. Social groups.

15. Sporting groups.